Twin VEW


Twin VEW

This development benefits from the attributes of being located in between two cities – the Central CBD and Singapore’s Second CBD – Jurong Lake District (JLD), heralding a new era of work-play-live right next door to

Twin VEW is an architectural scenography, reflecting the lifestyle of riverside living. Its design is drawn from the inspiration of rice terraces, cascading waters and river valleys. home.

Twin VEW is your exquisite home crafted from the inspiration of Mother Nature.

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Property Details

Project name: Twin VEW

District: 05

Developer: CSC Land Group (Singapore) Pte Ltd


91 West Coast Vale Singapore 126755

93 West Coast Vale Singapore 126756

Tenure: 99 years leasehold with effect from 15 May 2017

Site Area: 16,378 Sqm

Number of Blocks: 2

Number of Storeys: 36

Number of Units: 520 + 2 shops

Number of car parks: 520

Facilities: Lap Pool, Pool Deck, Outdoor Shower, Water Feature, Site Gate

Expected T.O.P Date: 2022

Twin VEW map

Site Plan 

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